Research shows more Brits turning to solar energy

New research from a UK-based international charity SolarAid found that more Britons are using solar energy for affordable and sustainable energy, with nearly a third (32%) using more renewable energy sources in their homes than 12 months ago.

Over a third (37%) said they bought more solar power products.

The results also showed that over half (55%) of 2,021 respondents own some form of solar technology, with nearly a quarter (22%) planning on installing solar panels in their home.

Although households are taking sustainable steps in their energy supply, the majority are groping in the dark about the global electricity crisis, as two in five (42%) mistakenly believe that everyone has access to safe and affordable electricity and over four in five (82%) ) are unaware that around 771 million people worldwide have no access to electricity at all.

However, the study found that just under two-thirds (63%) believe that solar power is the solution to providing safe and affordable electricity to everyone around the world.

John Keane, CEO of SolarAid, said, “Our research shows that the demand for sustainable lighting in the UK is increasing as people look for affordable electricity they can rely on. Almost a third of people use more renewable energy sources than they did last year, but steps must be taken now to ensure that everyone around the world has access to the benefits of solar energy.

“Terrifyingly, few realize that safe and affordable electricity is not available to millions of families around the world. For the first time in eight years, the number of people living without access to electricity has increased, resulting in countless accidents caused all of Africa. ” We urge the public to reflect on how the problem is affecting people overseas and help us raise awareness of the dire consequences of energy poverty and the simple solution of solar energy.

“Only a solar lamp has enough energy to provide light for a family of five. Together we can offer a safe solution to millions of households that would otherwise be in the dark. “

SolarAid is working with entrepreneurs, schools and clinics to distribute solar lights to families who live without electricity in Zambia, Malawi.

Only a solar light will –

  1. Give light to five people
  2. Saves families £ 159 otherwise spent on dangerous and toxic light sources
  3. Give a child 1,006 hours of extra study time
  4. Lower CO2 emissions by 1.1 tons

SolarAid has launched a new campaign called Darkness is Deadly , with a film that shows the dire consequences of life in the dark.

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