Research That Alerts Youth: If You Are Struggling With Obesity At The Age Of 20 To 30 Years, Then You May Get Upset Due To The Decrease In Memory In The Future, know Why This Is So

If you are overweight by the age of 20 to 30, your memory may decline in the future. The ability to think and understand can be adversely affected. This claim was made by American researchers after researching 15 thousand people. According to the researchers, there is a risk of heart disease in overweight young people, which could also affect the brain in the future.

Researchers at the University of California, who are conducting research, say the body mass index of young people struggling with obesity

And blood pressure rises from a young age. Body fat and blood pressure can affect the brain up to two times. Not so much, their blood glucose level can rise up to 5 times.

University of California neurologist Christine Yaffe says that controlling obesity in puberty can prevent adverse effects on the brain in the future. For this it is better to monitor the body mass index, blood glucose level, blood pressure and cholesterol.

According to Christine, the rise in cholesterol levels at any age affects the ability to think.

Cases of diabetes, heart disease and obesity are on the rise among the youth, says Christine. At this age, they don’t pay attention to this, they work to increase many other problems. Therefore, many problems can be avoided by keeping fit.

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