Response from Microsoft Teams to Zoom; free calls all day

Microsoft is running an ambitious campaign to attract Zoom fans for its service, Microsoft Teams, and is offering an all-day free video calling option.

The software giant had brought Microsoft Teams to mobile users earlier this year. Now it brings Teams’ friends and family features to the desktop and the web. In this way, a Microsoft Teams conversation can be set up that 300 friends or family members can join at the same time and can talk all day for free.

A Microsoft account or Microsoft Teams app is not required to participate in video calls. Via the internet browser it is possible to participate in the conversation free of charge. With Microsoft Teams, you can see up to 49 friends or family members in the gallery view at the same time. Or use the Together Mode function to place everyone next to each other in a virtual environment.

In fact, Microsoft, like Zoom, is offering this opportunity on the occasion of Thanksgiving, which will be celebrated abroad next week. For example, family members or friends who cannot get together physically due to the pandemic can meet, albeit virtually. Either way, Zoom owes its increasing popularity to its intensive use in the private sphere. Long a private video calling service for institutions, Zoom has become a service used by students, family members and friends to communicate with the growing pandemic.

Teams may be a little late opening up to individual consumers, but with a long meeting time limit of 24 hours and an easy-to-use web app, Microsoft suddenly offers the most attractive environment for free meetings with friends and family. Zoom temporarily removed it for Thanksgiving. It has a 40-minute call limit. Other competitors such as Google Meet (60 minute limit) and Cisco Webex (50 minute limit) have similar restrictions. Microsoft previously tried to push Skype Meet Now to compete on the individual consumer side, but almost everyone has long since forgotten that Skype exists.

As the host, all you need to do is visit Microsoft’s new Teams web link and sign in with a Microsoft account to start the conversation. After you create a video meeting, you can share the link with your friends and family, and they can participate on the web for free without needing a Microsoft account.

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