Richard Burton's hired a yacht for his dogs to live on for two months to avoid UK quarantine

Imagine being a famous movie star and getting a million dollars to star in a movie with Clint Eastwood.

There is a catch, however. You’re filming in London and that means you either have to leave your dogs behind or put them in quarantine.

This is exactly the problem Richard Burton faced when he was cast in the film Where Eagles Dare.

In 1968, regulations meant that animals traveling to the UK from abroad had to be quarantined for six months to ensure they were not infected with rabies.

So Richard and his then-wife Elizabeth Taylor devised a way to defraud the system. They rented a luxury yacht – because there were no rules that said animals weren’t allowed to stay in British waters.

The couple’s four dogs, consisting of two Pekingese and two Yorkshire Terriers named Cuthbert, Georgia, Oh Fi and E’en So, set sail on a 200-ton, 120-foot Bolivian yacht named Beatriz from Calais.

Burton rented the luxury yacht from the wealthy Patino family of Bolivia for $ 2,400 a week.

The luxury yacht lay at Tower Pier on the Thames for two months.

While the couple stayed at the nearby Dorchester Hotel, their dog’s whimsical quarantine reportedly cost them around $ 20,000 total at the time – however, it is estimated that it would have cost about $ 140,000 if they had done that today.

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