'Ridiculous': Kemp slams Biden on push to move MLB All-Star Game due to voting law

Then Kemp compared the voting rules of the two states, sometimes without a decisive context.

Kemp initially said that Delaware doesn’t have an in-person early vote, but Georgia does. In 2019, Delaware enacted law that required an in-person early vote from 2022. Georgia law extended the weekend early face-to-face voting.

Kemp pointed out that Georgia doesn’t have an apologetic absentee ballot, while Delaware doesn’t. Kemp was right in Delaware, but Georgia GOP lawmakers considered resetting the no-excuse absentee ballot, but that ultimately didn’t make it into the Kemp-signed bill.

Kemp also claimed that Georgia allows dropboxing, but Delaware doesn’t. Georgia’s new law restricted dropboxes, which requires every county to have at least one, but limits any additional dropboxes based on the number of registered voters in the county. Delaware had Dropboxing amid the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, but it’s unclear if that will be the case in the future.

The recently passed law in Georgia will create a new ID requirement for voters who wish to cast their absentee ballot, shorten the runoff and effectively turn the electoral board to lawmakers while limiting dropboxes. The changes come after the Democrats win two major runoff elections in the Senate in Georgia, which puts the Democrats in control of the chamber.

GOP lawmakers in Georgia and elsewhere, particularly supporters of former President Donald Trump, have supported new voting restrictions in the name of “electoral integrity”, although there is no evidence of widespread electoral fraud. The Democrats have pushed themselves back, calling the effort “voter suppression”. Biden is one of those voices who do not hold back in their opposition. The President called it an “atrocity” last week.

On Wednesday, Biden said he would be relocating MLB’s Midsummer Classic again from Atlanta due to the new law.

“I think professional athletes today are incredibly responsible,” Biden said in an interview with ESPN. “I would strongly support them in this. People look to them. They are leaders.”

In the wake of the new law, Biden has urged Congress to pass an electoral reform bill, HR 1, which aims to reform access to ballot papers and campaign funding, and the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act, which changes the defeated provisions of the Voting Rights Act. He has also suggested that he be open to reaching out to the filibuster on the issue of voting rights.

Kemp was beaten back by Biden and major Atlanta-based companies including Delta Airlines and Coca-Cola. Kemp said Thursday that he will not bow to corporate pressure and that companies that have opposed the new law will not come back on board due to pressure from activists.

“There is nothing I can do about it,” said Kemp. “I am not bullied by these people. But I also don’t run a stock corporation. You have to answer your shareholders. There are many people who work for them and have done business with them who are very upset. ”

Kemp was on everyone’s lips after signing the law last week, saying Thursday that he had conducted more than 20 interviews in the past 24 to 36 hours to “push the truth out.”

“We … want to make sure the elections are safe and that all Georgians have confidence in them,” said Kemp.

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