Riot’s first official ‘Valorant’ tournament kicks off next month

Riot’s first official ‘Valorant’ tournament kicks off next month

Open qualifiers for Valorant First Strike: Europe will take place November 9-22

Valorant is already an esports success story and Riot Games is poised to further expand the professional scene. He is preparing to hold his first Valorant tournament. So far, in the short lifespan of the competitive shooter, outside companies and esports organizations have hosted their own Valorant events with the support of Riot.

Open qualifiers for Valorant First Strike: Europe will take place November 9-22. The top eight teams will advance to the actual tournament, which takes place December 3-6. The matches take place in a best-of-three format, with the exception of the finals, which are the best-of-five.

Riot says players 16 and older who have achieved Immortal rank 1 are likely to be eligible to compete. He will be explaining all tournament rules in the coming weeks.

The publisher has been slowly building the Valorant esports scene since the game’s launch earlier this year. Valorant is already one of the most watched categories on Twitch, indicating that there is a significant audience willing to watch professional-level matches. Since Riot is also behind League of Legends, arguably the largest esports in the world, there’s every reason to believe that Riot could turn Valorant into a competitive gaming giant too.

Meanwhile, Riot has revealed some details about the game’s next season, Act III. It starts on October 13 and introduces a new card called Icebox.

However, there will be no addition to the agent list from the beginning. Riot wants to make sure everything goes smoothly with the new map, including the way other agents interact with it, before adding another variable to the mix. As such, Valorant’s next agent, who teased Riot in a few tweets, will arrive on Oct. 27.

The start of Act III will also mark some changes for the competitive mode. You can select which server to play on to reduce latency, while Riot says, “Immortal + rank results are 100% determined by wins and losses.” As expected, a new Battlepass for Act III is coming with new cosmetics to earn.
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