114+ Robot Pick up Lines & Love Puns

Robot Pick up Lines

Welcome to the world of robot pick up lines! These clever machines can make your social life a lot more interesting – and a lot less awkward. So if you’re looking for a new way to entertain yourself, or want to set the mood for a romantic evening, give robot pick up lines a try!

Robot Pick up Lines

Robot Pick up Lines

Robot pick up lines may sound like the stuff of science fiction, but the reality is that they’re already a reality. Check out this list of the best robot pick up lines to get started

  1. I’ll show you my source code if you show me yours
  2. I will show you my source code if you show me yours.
  3. Were you designed for use on Mars? Because your chassis is out of this world!
  4. What’s your IP address? I’d sure love to ping you some time.
  5. Wanna be debugged?
  6. If I were a function(), would you call me?
  7. Sorry, I can’t stop looking at your chest, you must have a tractor beam in your blouse.
  8. Don’t worry I just got turing tested.
  9. I support portrait and landscape modes.
  10. I haven’t gotten laid in 4 years, 3 months, and 12 days, plus-or-minus 2 days. Would you care to check my error bars?
  11. Do you like it when I touch your PCI Slot?
  12. Nice bolts wanna screw?
  13. Are you made of Copper and Tellurium? Because you are Cu-Te
  14. I need you to load your floppy disk into my hard drive.
  15. Why don’t you come to explore this strange new world?
  16. You make my interface GUI.
  17. I’m going to void your warranty!
  18. Talk coding to me.
  19. Your lips say 0 but your eyes say 1.
  20. I have no emotions but I’ll cuddle after.
  21. If I forward your ports will you insect my packet?
  22. You had me at Sign In.
  23. I can’t Force Quit You
  24. I’ll deep clean your systems.
  25. Let’s lose ourselves in some mindless repetitive tasks…. if you know what I mean.
  26. You made my heart skip a clock cycle.
  27. Damn girl, just because you have wi-fi doesn’t mean you should connect with everyone who sends you a signal!
  28. My scanners detected high amounts of sexiness in this quadrant, and I think I have found the source.
  29. So, do you modulate your synthetic consciousness here often?
  30. You are so hot you need to be water-cooled. You compile me.
  31. Can you lube my joint?
  32. Hey baby, I am backward compatible, to service all your legacy needs.
  33. Was your father a thief? Because he stole some titanium bolts and put them in your eyes.
  34. Hey baby, what’s your OS?
  35. Would you like a demo of my multitouch capabilities?
  36. I’m fully functional and anatomically correct.
  37. I hope you have an accelerometer because I’m gonna rock your world.
  38. If I asked you to lower your Shields would you be offended?
  39. Do you believe in love at first optical recognition, or should I ambulate by your location again?
  40. Is 2GB really your maximum RAM capacity? I heard otherwise…
  41. Rusting is red, and my chipset’s blue. Will you let me assimilate you?
  42. Wanna touch my mouse?
  43. I’m a cybernetic orgasm. Living tissue over metal Bellend-skeleton
  44. Do you get a free port for me to plug into?
  45. Did you just break one of Asimov’s Three Laws? Because you’ve got “fine” written all over you.
  46. Is it hot in here, or did your internal fan system just crash?
  47. I’m fully functional….programmed in multiple techniques!
  48. I’ve got a case of WD-40 in the back, wanna get drunk?
  49. Are those real or were you upgraded in silicone valley?
  50. You are making my floppy drive hard.
  51. Is that a mirror in your anodized Titanium exterior plating? Because I can see myself in your service port.
  52. I’ll deep-clean your systems!
  53. Was that my CPU malfunctioning or did I just feel a spark between us?
  54. Hey baby, are your pants reflective aluminum alloy? Because I can see myself in them.
  55. Yes, I know you’re metric- but I’m willing to convert.
  56. I’m the droid you’re looking for.
  57. Can I have your IP number? I seem to have lost mine.
  58. roses are #FF0000 / violets are #0000FF / all my base / belong to you.
  59. Come with me and I’ll insert my floppy into your disk drive.
  60. It that a joystick you’re holding or are you just happy to see me?
  61. You must be tired because you’ve been running your code through my CPU all night.
  62. I may not be able to love, but I do it, like a sex machine baby.
  63. Hey baby, my name’s Vista, can I crash at your place tonight!
  64. Commencing explosive containment procedures, why? Because you are the bomb
  65. Want to grab some Java?
  66. My docking station or yours?
  67. I bet I can decrypt your code
  68. When you flash your software, my floppy becomes a hard drive.

Robot Love Puns

  1. I invited some robots over to eat guacamole. They brought their own bag of microchips.
  2. The robot fell out with all of his school friends. I had to call him up and have a word, he’s got a real chip in his shoulder.
  3. The robot was embarrassed to get changed. He had software and hardware, but he didn’t have any underware.
  4. If you have a friend who’s a robot, they’ll never cross you. They’re loyal because their love can’t be bot.
  5. “Rust in peace,” the robots sobbed, when they went to the robot funeral.
  6. A robot needs a holiday twice a year. It’s vital for them to recharge their batteries.
  7. The robot baby was crying so I gave him his robottle.
  8. The robot mechanic was never going to be lonely. If he felt sad, he could just make himself some new friends.
  9. I found an android in the North Pole. I didn’t know there were snowbots there.
  10. I got a new wireless robot in the post the other day. Our friendship has no strings attached.
  11. Robots don’t like to go to the UK on holiday, they prefer to take a trip to Wireland.
  12. The robot decided to call into the shoe shop. He needed to be rebooted.
  13. I went to a robot concert the other day. It’s the first time I’ve heard someone play a cyborgan.
  14. I got myself a new puppy that’s a robot. Dogmatic.
  15. Robots hate listening to pop music. They’re heavy metal fans.
  16. I went to a robot book club. They were reading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Wire.
  17. If you want to cook for a robot, it’s best to make Mexican food. They love silicon carne.
  18. The robot dog was a big softie. His bark was worse than his byte.
  19. The robot fell in love straight away when he saw his girlfriend. He just couldn’t resistor.
  20. I’ve started to make a robot who can write 500 robot jokes per minute. He’s a pro-to-type.
  21. I went to a Mexican robot restaurant. Dell Taco is nothing on Taco Bell.
  22. I didn’t realise that ‘I Robot’ had a Middle Eastern sequel. They called it ‘I Ran’.
  23. The robot crossed the road. He was programmed to do it.
  24. The music lover robot was sad that his instrument collection could never be truly complete. As much as he tried, he just couldn’t get any organs.
  25. If you like your music with a side of theatre, I’d recommend you check out the music of Android Lloyd Webber.
  26. R2D2 was struggling to open a PDF file on his computer. It was much easier when he installed Adobe Wan Kenobi.
  27. My girlfriend told me that robots don’t wash themselves. So I put one in the bath, and said, “that will shower.”
  28. The doctor said he hadn’t seen anything like it. It appeared that the robot had a deadly virus.
  29. If you cross one robot with one tractor, you end up with a metal trans-farmer.
  30. I bought an egg timer in the shape of a dalek. After four minutes, it says, “eggs terminate!”
  31. In robot school, they like to take learning seriously. Every year they read, “All about Robots,” by Cy Borg.
  32. I met a robot pirate the other day. He greeted me with an, “arrr2D2.”
  33. Robots don’t like apples. It’s because they are androids.
  34. I was impressed when the robot ate an entire sandwich in one gulp. I decided to call him MegaByte.
  35. The policeman was mad when he caught the low powered robot for the third time that week. He had to charge him with battery.
  36. When I was teaching a group of robots, one asked me where he should sit. I said, “on your robottom.”
  37. The robot was in a lot of pain while she was giving birth. It was all the contraptions.
  38. The droid was excited by the meal I cooked him, until he took a byte.
  39. Mommy robot was so proud when baby robot learnt it’s first word. Da-ta.
  40. The robot had no choice to to go back to Earth as a ghost when he passed away. He just wasn’t able to rust in peace.
  41. The robots wore their roboots when it snowed.
  42. The robot was getting extremely angry. Everyone was really pushing his buttons.
  43. The robot ended up bankrupt when he used up all his cache.
  44. There’s a certain type of robot that is amazing at watersports. Rowbots.
  45. Robots always like to order the same thing from the take out place, they never try anything new. The order is always computer chips, and raspberry pi for dessert.
  46. Robots like to read, their favourite author is Anne Droid.
  47. The robot needed to drive his car to get to school, so he turned into a roadbot.
  48. If you ever have to choose a movie for a pirate robot, the best choice is Aye Robot.
  49. The robot decided to go back to school. He felt like he was getting a little bit rusty.
  50. If you take a robot to the arcade, you’ll have to go back to the Sparkanoid machine again and again.

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The next time you’re out with a friend and they seem to be getting more extraverted by the second, don’t let the opportunity pass you by. Head over to your local bar and try one of these robot pick up lines on them! No matter how cheesy it may sound, we are sure that your friends will fall for it in no time! Do let us know how these robot pick up lines went for you and also write down your thoughts in the comment section below.


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