Ron Johnson Gets Caught Debunking the Big Lie

Even before the uprising of supporters of former President Donald Trump on January 6, Senator Ron Johnson was promoting the big lie that Trump had somehow been cheated out of a second term.

As chairman of the Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee, the Wisconsin Republican used the December 16 meeting to raise doubts about the legitimacy of the 2020 election. In a long, albeit largely fact-free, opinion Before the committee, he claimed that alleged irregularities could be classified into three categories: “1) lax enforcement or violations of electoral laws and controls, 2) fraudulent votes and ballot filling, and 3) corruption of voting machines and software that could be programmed to obtain votes.” add or change. ”

“In the time that we had” Johnson babbled, “It was impossible to fully identify and investigate every allegation. But many of these irregularities raise legitimate concerns and need to be taken seriously. “

This explanation was of course wrong. So outrageous was the Senator’s hearing that The New York Times was the headline of his report, “The election is over, but Ron Johnson continues to promote false claims about fraud.”

No surprise there. Johnson is the king of false claims – from Covid-19 cures to tax policy votes that invariably benefit the Senator and his campaign donors.

Johnson’s expansion of the great lie fueled the fantasy that Trump’s presidency was stolen. However, now there is reason to believe that Johnson knowingly lied about the Big Lie.

He spoke at a Republican event in Wisconsin on Sunday Lauren Windsor, a progressive activist posing as a Conservative and tapping into conversation with Johnson the Senator called, “I think it’s probably true that Biden got maybe 7 million more popular votes. That is the electoral reality. Just to say with certainty that this was a stolen option, I disagree. “


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