Royal family will not wear military uniforms at Prince Philip's funeral

Members of the royal family will no longer wear military uniforms at the Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral.

It is believed that the Queen decided that high-ranking kings attending the service should wear civilian clothes.

The move means the Duke of Sussex doesn’t have to act as one of the few close family members who doesn’t wear a uniform on Saturday.

Harry lost his military honorary degrees after deciding to step down as a senior working king.

The Duke of York, who referred to his father as “the grandfather of the nation,” reportedly considered wearing an admiral’s uniform.

Andrew resigned from royal duties in 2019 because of his friendship with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

He was supposed to be promoted to Admiral in 2020 on the occasion of his 60th birthday, but this did not happen after the aftermath of his disastrous appearance on Newsnight.

The inconsistent rule has been described as “the most eloquent solution to the problem,” a military source told The Sun.

The decision is a break with the tradition of ceremonial royal funerals and contrasts with the strong military presence shown in honor of Philip, who served with honors during World War II.

Protocol suggests that Harry, who has made two tours of Afghanistan, can only wear a suit with medals at royal events.

When the plans for the funeral were finalized, the royal family released a touching photo of the Queen and Duke surrounded by their great-grandchildren.

The previously invisible image shows the Queen and the Duke sitting on a sofa with the young people during a family get-together, where the little ones behave best.

The Duchess of Cambridge captured the moment in front of her camera in 2018 when the seven great-grandchildren of the Queen and Philip were in Balmoral.

A number of other images showing the Duke with members of the royal family – including his son, the Prince of Wales – have been posted on official royal Twitter accounts.

The Queen has continued to work in mourning and made an official commitment on Wednesday to officially welcome her new Lord Chamberlain to his post.

She hosted a ceremony at Windsor Castle for Baron Parker, who will oversee Philip’s funeral as the highest official in the royal household.

The picture of the Queen and Duke with the young family members is a snapshot of a typical day in their private Scottish home when she entertains family, friends and politicians in the summer.

In the queen’s arms lies Prince Louis, a rare image of the monarch holding one of her great-grandchildren.

The full line of royal children includes the children of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, on either side of the Queen holding her brother Louis.

Peter Phillips’ daughters, Savannah and Isla, are close to their great-grandfather, and at the other end of the sofa are Zara and Mike Tindall’s children, Lena, who are held by their cousin Isla and daughter Mia.

A black and white photo on Charles and Camilla’s official Twitter account from 1966 shows Philip and Charles sitting on polo ponies with clubs and helmets in hand during a game.

The image was published along with a more modern image of the Duke with his son and Duchess in the moments after William and Kate were married at Westminster Abbey.

William and Kate also shared memories of Philip and the Queen and posted a picture taken at Balmoral in 2015 on their official Twitter account showing the couple with their children George and Charlotte.

On the previous Wednesday, the Queen’s granddaughter, Princess Eugenie, paid tribute to her “dearest grandpa” and promised to take care of “Grandma” the Queen for him.

The Princess Royal also fondly remembered learning to sail with her father as a child when she returned to public duties.

Anne visited the Royal Yacht Squadron at Cowes, Isle of Wight, where she met and spoke affectionately with club members about her “links” and “early memories of sailing”.


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