Royal insider put toothpaste on Prince Charles' brush every night – who is Michael Fawcett?

Michael Fawcett, Prince Charles’ close confidant and right hand man has hit the headlines, following the Metropolitan Police announcement that they are investigating a potential cash for honors scandal.

The Press Association say inquiries made by the police have found concerns surrounding allegations that wealthy individuals were able to effectively buy honors in exchange for generous donations to the Prince’s Foundation.

Allegations came to light in September, 2021, when the Sunday Times claimed that Fawcett had fixed an honor for Saudi billionaire Mahfouz Marei Mubarak bin Mahfouz – Tony Jones from PA reports.

Mahfouz is alleged to have paid thousands of pounds to fixers with links to the prince who had told him they could secure the honor which would be upgraded to a knighthood.

He was then given a CBE by Charles at a private ceremony at Buckingham Palace in November 2016.

This comes just months after Scotland’s charity regulator launched an investigation into claims the Prince of Wales’ foundation accepted a six-figure sum over £500,000 from Dmitry Leus.

According to The Sunday Times, on receiving the huge sum from the Russian donor, the Prince wrote a thank you letter and suggested they would meet after the Covid-19 pandemic was over.

However, the donation was later rejected by the ethics committee of the foundation following concerns of its origin.

It is important to stress that although Charles is president of the foundation, he is not involved with its day-to-day governance.

Who is Michael Fawcett?

Fawcett is a long-time member of the Prince’s inner circle, trusted in all matters of the heir’s business.

He began his service to the Royal Family in 1981 as a footman to the Queen, before moving to the Household of HRH Prince of Wales.

There he rose to become the Prince’s personal valet and developed in an incredibly close relationship with Charles.

Though not quite a groom of the stool, Fawcett would put toothpaste on the Prince’s toothbrush every night.

Fawcett has been forced to resign or step-down from multiple Royal roles. But each time he was cleared of wrongdoing and reinstated.

The insider has been accused of bullying by other Palace employees, in particular in 1998. However, his relationship with the Prince is thought to have shielded him from any real disciplinary action.

Former royal press officer Dickie Arbiter has commented that “Fawcett has been there for so many years, so close in times of stress, that he knows all the ins and outs and all the warts.”

Fawcett remains a hugely influential figure at the center of Royal business.

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