Royal Mail announces first delivery office with all-electric motors

The first Royal Mail delivery office with a fully electric fleet of collection and delivery vehicles has been announced.

The Bristol East Central Delivery Office has had its 23 diesel delivery and collection trucks replaced with fully electric equivalents.

Six electric charging stations have also been installed on the site to provide the office with electricity and charge the vehicles from 100% renewable sources.

According to the Royal Mail, Bristol was chosen because of the city’s plans for a Clean Air Zone (CAZ) that requires certain vehicles to pay a daily fee to get into the center.

Other delivery offices are being considered for similar fleet conversions in the coming months.

The electric vehicles have a larger cargo space than the vehicles they replaced, which gives them additional capacity for growing parcel volumes and less maintenance.

Simon Thompson, CEO of Royal Mail said, “I understand that customers are increasingly asking for less polluting shipments.

“We are very excited to be transforming Bristol East Central into the first all-electric Royal Mail delivery office. This is a really positive move and will help us evaluate the impact of these changes on our customers and our employees compared to traditional delivery offices. “

Bristol Mayor Marvin Rees said: “It is fantastic news that Royal Mail has selected Bristol as its first all-electric delivery office.

“Their 23 electric vehicles, along with the 99 Bristol biogas buses already on our roads, will reduce emissions and improve air quality.

“We want to support people and companies in converting our fleet to cleaner and more efficient vehicles.”

Rob Wotherspoon of the Communication Workers Union said, “This is not just about fighting climate change, it’s also about the air our communities breathe.”


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