Royal Mint launches historic new coin celebrating the diversity of Britain

For the first time in the history of the Royal Mint has produced a new coin with an updated design that celebrates the diversity of Britain.

The British coin manufacturer has released the limited edition coin that shows the warrior Britannia.

It is the first time Britannia has been featured on the coins as a woman of color – a choice that, according to the Royal Mint, reflects the diversity of the British population in the 21st century.

The limited coins are available on the Royal Mint website under its Premium Exclusive range.

You can purchase versions of the Britannia 2021 coin starting at £ 62.50. Other expenses range from £ 195 to a whopping £ 70,275.

The image of Britannia has a long and storied numismatic history dating back to year C. 119 AD

While she disappeared from coinage for more than a thousand years after the fall of the Roman Empire, Britannia has been featured on the coins of every British monarch since her return to coinage in 1672.

A Royal Mint The spokeswoman said: “Your strong and noble image embodies the spirit of a nation and is a patriotic symbol to this day.

“Of course, with this tenure, the image of Britannia has evolved over time, and new interpretations of this legendary character are becoming an integral part of every generation.

“While her overall aesthetic has remained relatively constant, minor changes have been made over time: her spear has become a trident, her setting has changed, and she has often been accompanied by another British icon, the British lion.

“This year there is another development from Britannia with our Premium Exclusive range.

“This contemporary take on the changing face of modern Britain is the first time a stand-alone design has been created for this range and it beautifully reflects the diversity of the people of Britain in the 21st century.”

Visit the Royal Mint website to view the limited edition collection or to purchase the Britannia 2021 coin Here.


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