Royal Navy officer secretly filmed sex with woman and shared it with mates, court told

A Royal Navy officer secretly filmed himself having sex with a woman before uploading it to a Snapchat group for ‘bragging rights’, a court martial heard.

The woman was ‘extremely shocked and appalled’ when a friend later told her Sub-Lieutenant Scott Ewing had used his phone to record the video while she wasn’t looking, the hearing was told.

The 11 seconds clip allegedly showed SLt Ewing having sexual intercourse with her whilst she was facing away from him, turning to smile at the camera and making an ‘ok’ sign with his fingers.

The woman told the court she was horrified to learn he had ‘massively breached my trust’ by filming her without consent and posting it to an all-male group on the social media app.

When she reported the incident, he was arrested and then charged with voyeurism, sharing intimate images without consent and disgraceful conduct.

Bulford Military Court, Wilts, heard the pair had previously met and then kept in contact through social media with ‘flirtatious’ messages.

They exchanged partially naked pictures of themselves with each other on Facebook in the weeks before they met at a bar near Royal Navy training base HMS Dartmouth where SLt Ewing was living at the time.

Britannia Royal Naval College (BRNC), commonly known as Dartmouth, in Devon, is the naval academy of the United Kingdom and was attended by Prince Charles, Prince Philip and Prince William.

Commander Peter Barker, prosecuting, said: “They went to his cabin together and engaged in consensual sexual intercourse. She remained in his cabin for 90 minutes, unaware of any video recording taking place.

“She explicitly told [SLt Ewing] not to tell anyone else what had taken place.

“It turned out that what happened during sex was [SLt Ewing] recorded an 11 second video on his mobile phone.

“This shows [him] having sexual intercourse from behind whilst she was facing away from him.

“He then turns the camera around and films his face smiling and making an ‘ok’ sign with his fingers.

“He then uploaded the video to the application Snapchat and sent it to an all-male Snapchat group.”

Cdr Barker explained once the video had been viewed by a Snapchat user it would no longer be accessible, but messages in the chat made it clear what the video was of.

He explained the video was captioned with the woman’s name, and SLt Ewing confirmed it was him having sex with her.

Speaking in court, the woman said the couple had exchanged ‘banter and flirtatious messages’ on Facebook.

She said they sent each other pictures before deleting the messages and telling each other not to share them with anyone else or take a screenshot of them.

She said she had visited his base for another reason but had met SLt at a nearby bar before they went to his cabin together at about 2am.

“The lights were off and he turned on a wall light next to the bed,” she told the court.

“Fairly quickly we undressed ourselves and engaged in sexual intercourse for approximately an hour.”

She said she was facing away from him for a ‘more significant proportion than usual’ and saw no other lights come on or a flash from a mobile phone.

Asked how she would have reacted if there was any mention of the sex being recorded or shared, she added: “I never saw him holding a phone. He never mentioned recording having sex.

“I would have got myself out of there as quickly as possible. That would not have been acceptable. That was never part of the deal.

“Had there been a suggestion I would like to have thought I would probably have got quite angry and got myself out of the situation.

“[If there was mention of it being shared] Even more so I would have found that unacceptable.”

After they had sex, she said she got dressed and went to leave and at that point she saw him pick up his phone.

She said: “It wasn’t a suspicious moment, he just picked up his phone from the bed or the desk when I left.

“I said to him, ‘You aren’t going to tell anybody about this, are you?’ and he just laughed or smirked I think.

“At the time, I had nothing to be shocked or appalled about.”

When a friend called her about two and a half weeks later, telling her there was a video of her, the woman said she spoke to one of the other men in the Snapchat group who had seen it.

She said: “He assured me that my face wasn’t in it, which was a relief because I was worried about that.

“I didn’t want to speak with [SLt Ewing] because I didn’t trust him. He had massively breached my trust.

“When I found out, I was absolutely shocked.”

The woman reported the matter to the Royal Navy Police, who interviewed SLt Ewing about the incident.

The court heard he admitted recording the video but said the woman had given verbal consent.

He told police he had uploaded the video to Snapchat for ‘bragging rights’ and she also had consented to this.

SLt Ewing, of HMS Collingwood at Fareham, Hants, denies all charges.

Naval cadets at Dartmouth included King George V, King George VI and the Duke of York.

The trial continues.

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