Royal super fan celebrates Queen's Platinum Jubilee in dedicated ‘Jubilee Room’

A superfan of the royal family celebrated the Queen’s platinum jubilee in her own “Jubilee Room” – filled with memorabilia dedicated to her 70-year reign.

Margaret Tyler, 78, has dedicated her entire home to partying — to the point where her home is mistaken for a museum by passers-by.

The grandmother has met the Queen four times and has dedicated an entire room to each of the Queen’s anniversaries – decked out floor to ceiling with memorabilia, photographs and books about the royals.

She said she spent Saturday in this very room celebrating 70 years as Queen on the throne.

Just days after Margaret celebrated her own 78th birthday, Margaret was searching for more treasures at a royal gift shop – although her house is already filled to the brim with her oversized collection.

Margaret, from London, who has four grown children and four grandchildren, said: “I hope Her Majesty enjoyed her day – it’s an amazing thing to have done all these years.

“Whenever anything has happened the Queen has always been there for us and getting us through even though she has a lot on her own shoulders at the moment!

“I’ve met her four times and my legs were like jelly after meeting her every time – she was always so kind and sweet.

“My collection of memorabilia is growing all the time, but I will never sell anything, even though the house is full at the moment.

“My house is like a museum – people even knocked on the door to ask when we open – someone even asked if I was a member of the royal family myself!

“It’s just what I do – I think about the royals all the time and I’m going to talk about the Queen to anyone who will listen.”

Margaret has dedicated an entire room to each of the Queen's jubilees

Growing up as an only child with two royalist parents, Margaret says she began embracing her love for the British monarchy from an early age.

She was just eight at the time of Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation and recalled being “heartbroken” when her father didn’t buy a TV so she could watch it.

Growing up, Margaret became increasingly devoted to the royals — and now says she thinks about it almost all the time.

For more than four decades she has been decorating her home with every imaginable picture, piece of jewelery and memorabilia.

She owns hundreds of books and pictures, as well as some more obscure items – like cardboard cutouts of Her Majesty and the Royal Corgis.

Margaret has met the Queen four times and has described her as “so kind and sweet” each time.

She said: “She’s almost 96 and it’s just amazing what she’s doing for us.

“She’s there for us no matter what.”

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