Rules for all pubs and restaurants in England changed until March 2022

Rules for all pubs and restaurants in England changed until March 2022

The general rules that allow all pubs to serve take-away food and alcohol are being expanded by Community Secretary Robert Jenrick to provide long-term security for the hospitality sector.

Pubs, bars and restaurants had to close this week as part of the second national coronavirus lockdown across England. However, the new regulations allow take-away alcohol to be served as long as it is pre-ordered online, by phone or by mail.

The automatic take-away permits set during the spring lockdown are being renewed for another year, and Mr Jenrick said his department will be looking into whether this unified approach should become the norm.

This means companies don’t have to go through a planning application process to provide the take-away food. The exemption will be extended until March 23, 2022.

Announcing the extension, Mr Jenrick is expected to say, “We have taken critical steps to support our pubs, restaurants, cafes and markets since the pandemic began.

“Simplifying takeaway delivery has helped these companies adapt and has helped support many through an incredibly difficult year.

“That is why I am expanding these simple but effective reforms to support these companies and give them and their employees more security in the coming year.

“It will also be a boost for their customers who can now look forward to continuing to eat at home in their favorite restaurants.

“Since these reforms have made such a difference, I will consider making them permanent.”

Kate Nicholls, UKHospitality General Manager, said, “The ability to provide take-out services has been a valuable lifeline for many restaurants, not only during the lockdown but also during periods of reduced and restricted trade.

“Enlargement will undoubtedly help many. When pubs, restaurants, and cafes act as takeaways, they have a previously untapped source of income and a much better chance of surviving the harsh winter. “



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