RuneScape: coming 20 years later, in October

RuneScape: coming 20 years later, in October

After two decades of being active on the developer’s website, RuneScape will be available to play on Steam from October 14. The information was released yesterday (24) on the official website of Jagex, producer of the title. The classic version, called Old School RuneScape, will also be released on Steam in early 2021. Both can be accessed via PC or Mac.

With simple gameplay and nearly 20 years of life, RuneScape broke records for active players in June, according to the company. To give you an idea, the MMO Population website informs that Runscape has more than 12 million subscribers and about 980 thousand simultaneous players per day.

“Jagex is committed to bringing the universe of RuneScape to more players around the world. After the arrival of our games in the mobile stores, we are now expanding the availability of desktop versions, ” said Phil Mansell, CEO of the company.

The game even took over the international news after many Venezuelans started using it to supplement their income. It also made its way into the legal media after a player filed a complaint against other gamers. According to the prosecution, it was illegal to be mutated during a competition, which was not accepted by the jury.

Jagex also reported that the next step is to launch RuneScape for mobile applications. The project is in early access and has yet to be completed. Remember the game is completely free.


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