Russia arrests 'neo-Nazi murder cult members' accused of plotting terror attacks

Members of a suspected neo-Nazi “murder cult” accused of plotting terrorist attacks have been arrested in Russia.

The FSB security service said they had arrested members of the Ukrainian “youth gang” called M.K.U, which stands for “maniacs”, in nine Russian cities. Murder. Cult’.

According to the security forces, 16 members of the group were arrested.

The group is believed to have prepared “terrorist attacks” on civilians and government buildings.

Officials reportedly seized bladed weapons, digital data storage devices and communication devices, and manuals for making terrorist tools.

The Ukrainian leader of the gang is said to be Yegor Krasnov, who is accused of neo-Nazi writings.

The FSB claimed to have found specific links between him and the detainees.

He reportedly wrote, “This whole world is against me and the white race.

“It was filled with hideous filth that had to be racially cleaned.

Arrests were made in nine Russian cities

“All people must die. The superman is obliged to rule the world and produce a new being. “

The group claims to have supporters in the UK and Latvia.

The FSB said that Ukraine-based Krasnov “coordinated the criminal activities (M.K.U.), gave them instructions and encouraged them to carry out terrorist attacks and crimes related to extremism in Russia.

Security forces carried out a number of targeted raids

A suspected group member shows his tattoos

“The group gradually recruited new members. Initially, the M.K.U. The leader told them to draw extremist slogans on buildings.

“They were then ordered to beat homeless people or members of youth subculture groups and later use bladed weapons to attack civilians and police officers and attack government buildings, set them on fire and carry out explosions.”

Krasnov was reportedly arrested in Ukraine last year and reportedly boasted of killing at least 15 people.

Russia reported last month that it had detained 14 suspected members of the same group.


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