Russia testing new 'super torpedo' that could cause 'radioactive tsunamis'

Vladimir Putin is terrifyingly testing a new “super torpedo” that has been reported to produce “radioactive tsunamis”.

Satellite imagery shows Russia is consolidating its influence in the Arctic by building new military bases.

Experts have warned that one particular weapon being developed by the rogue nation is of great importance – the Poseidon 2M39 torpedo.

The Russian President is due to closely monitor the stages of weapon progress, and further tests are planned.

The torpedo is powered by a nuclear reactor and navigates the ocean floor to sneak past coastal defenses, reports say.

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The new weapon is said to be of concern to officials in the U.S., with the warhead reportedly capable of causing decades of destruction.

As shown in the mirror, the gun would be fired in wartime and fired near an enemy coast, creating a tsunami that would destroy coastal defenses and infrastructure.

Christopher A Ford, then Assistant Secretary of State for International Security and Non-Proliferation, previously said the Poseidon was intended to “flood US coastal cities with radioactive tsunamis.”

Satellite images provided CNN through Maxar space technology show that the new facilities in the Arctic have underground storage facilities.

The integrated Arctic expedition of the Russian Navy and the Russian Geographical Society "Umka-21".

It is believed that this is likely to be for the Poseidon torpedoes, with military jets and bombers also pictured.

Experts are said to have agreed that the threat posed by the new “super torpedo” is “very real”.

A senior Foreign Ministry official told the news channel: “The Russians in the Arctic clearly have a military challenge.

“This is having an impact on the United States and its allies, not least because it creates the ability to project electricity as far as the North Atlantic.”

Russia testing new 'super torpedo' that could cause 'radioactive tsunamis' 1

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The news of the “super torpedo” came just days after it was revealed that Russia is launching a deadly new “underwater sabotage submarine” that can dive nearly two miles and destroy communications cables.

Up to £ 8 trillion worth of critical financial transactions and other data are routed daily over the 380 “communication lines” of the world’s ocean floor, all of which are vulnerable to attack.

Moscow’s naval intelligence spies are suspected of months of trying to disrupt Western cables to disrupt our economy.

Pictre shows the Russian nuclear submarines breaking through the ice in the Arctic at the same time.

Sources claim that a deep-sea version of the Russian AS-15 Kashalot submarine will be launched for sea sea trials next month by a larger vehicle called Belgorod.

The Royal Navy is in a race to launch a multipurpose ocean surveillance vessel to protect itself from the threat posed by Vladimir Putin. However, this ship will not be operational until 2024.

The kashalotes are one of Moscow’s most secret maritime projects.

However, documents found on obscure Russian maritime websites prove that they were redesigned for special deep-sea sabotage missions.

The Belgorod is already intended for the Poseidon torpedo.

A recent paper on the future of defense published in the UK revealed, “Russia is developing significant underwater capabilities that can threaten the undersea cable, as well as a torpedo capable of delivering a nuclear payload to coastal targets.”


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