Russian 'false flag plotters' accuse UK of training Polish-speaking mercenaries

Russian provocation teams claim two 20-strong units of UK-trained Polish-speaking troops are stationed in Donbas, in the latest apparent attempt to fabricate a threat of attack from Ukraine

A service member of the Ukrainian armed forces walks at combat positions near the line of separation from Russian-backed rebels (


Russian false flag attack plotters have directly accused the UK of training “Polish mercenaries” to attack Moscow-sympathisers in war-torn eastern Ukraine.

In one of its most outrageous deception missions so far, Moscow’s provocation teams claimed two 20-strong units of Polish-speaking troops had been spotted in contested Donbas.

It is believed to be the latest attempt by Moscow to fabricate a threat of attack in order to justify the build-up to war whilst pretending to be fighting western-backed provocation.

Last night a senior security source said: “It is such nonsense but people will believe such conspiracies and this is how it all plays out back home in Russia to justify war.

A Ukrainian service member fires a next generation light anti-tank weapon (NLAW) supplied by Britain



“This is all about justifying an invasion but this time it does drag the UK into the plot, accusing it of backing so-called mercenaries in Donbas so it is ramping up pressure on NATO.”

In a direct attack on the UK’s bolstering of security in Poland and training Ukraine troops in anti-tank warfare, it claimed the “Polish mercenaries” were British-trained.

Russian media has reported that two groups of 20 “Polish-speaking mercenaries” had been identified on the front-line in Luhansk, according to one pro-Moscow separatist leader.

Russian President Vladimir Putin


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Lt Cold Eduard Basurin said during a conference held at a militia HQ in Donbas:”The presence of two armed assault groups of up to 20 fighters in mixed camouflage uniforms has been noted in the zone of the Ukrainian 24th Mechanized Brigade.”

It went to accuse the so-called ‘Polish mercenaries’ of attempting sabotage attacks but widened its deception campaign to the UK.

According to quotes linked to Basurin: “The Polish mercenaries arrived in the area under the guise of instructors as part of the so-called Joint Forces formation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Lt. Cold Edward Basurin



“Before being sent to the Donbas, the members of these groups underwent military training under the guidance of British instructors.”

The Russian media even linked the so-called group of being members of extreme right groups in east Ukraine.

In recent months Russia’s fake news squads have tried repeatedly to create a picture of Ukrainians being aggressive towards pro-Russians in the country.

One video this week falsely depicted a “Ukrainian” making a dirty bomb with which to attack Russian troops.

The unprofessionally -made footage was unconvincing but sources say it is a sinister build-up to war against Ukraine and a possible invasion.

It is believed this has been a bid to justify a war, full-on invasion or partial incursion into Ukraine.

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