Ruth Bader Ginsburg released from hospital

Ginsburg took part in the unprecedented conference call arguments the Supreme Court made this week on the phone from the hospital Wednesday to keep the cases in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic moving. Her voice was sometimes shaky when she called Wednesday, but she asked lawyers convincing questions for both sides.

The court revealed Ginsburg’s recent health scare on Tuesday, the day after she initially saw a doctor for the gallbladder issue. She has had several seizures with cancer, including malignant nodules that were removed from her lungs in 2018 and a tumor in her pancreas that had to be operated on last summer.

The court’s recent statement did not specify what treatment Ginsburg would receive, but a common, non-surgical treatment for gallstones is lithotripsy – a method that uses shock waves to try to break gallstones to get them out of the Leak body.

The court’s next oral argument – also over the phone – is scheduled for Monday.

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