Ryanair boss says holidays abroad 'will be possible by June'

According to Ryanair’s Michael O’Leary, British vacationers can fly to the EU until June.

Speaking to Ranvir Singh and Susanna Reid, hosts of Good Morning Britain, the low-cost airline’s CEO said he believes the British will be flying to Spain, Portugal and Greece in time for the summer holidays.

The skeptical hosts were quick to question the businessman’s thoughts, drawing attention to the third wave and the slow roll-out of vaccines across the EU.

However, Mr O’Leary was not influenced by their concerns, claiming he had confidence that the EU would change this.

Ranvir asked the 60-year-old, “Obviously getting us back to airports and flights is vital for you and your industry, but right now it would be great for people to book those flights, wouldn’t it?” ? “

Mr O’Leary said, “I don’t think it would be that way. I think it would certainly be foolhardy to book in April and May, but certainly with the June, July, August school holidays and the successful launch of the vaccines, Led by the UK and Europe, April and May will catch up dramatically.

“I think you will see all restrictions on short haul flights between the UK and Spain, UK and Portugal, and UK and Greece … the vaccines are coming, people are on vacation again!”

It is illegal under current guidelines to leave the UK for a holiday on May 17th at the earliest. Notes on the possible end of social distancing regulations are expected to appear at the end of Boris Johnson’s roadmap currently slated for June 21 – if data allows.

Susanna then asked the Ryanair boss if they would need “vaccination certificates” to board their flights.

Mr O’Leary replied, “We’re going to let everyone fly, but if arriving countries or governments need a vaccine certificate or passport, we’ve launched a page on our Ryanair mobile app where you can either upload your negative PCR. Your Cetrs or your vaccination records and you can easily carry them on your phone.

“However, we believe most of this will be gone by June, July or August as vaccines are introduced that are not needed when traveling within the EU or within Europe. You don’t need vaccination cards.”

Mr O’Leary had previously asked customers to book direct with Ryanair to avoid losing refunds after “thousands of claims” from people booking through travel agents said they were still waiting for refunds on flights that were not carried out:

“We do not allow third parties to make bookings (on our website). This is one of the major challenges airlines have faced in recent years.

“These medium-sized screen scraper companies are dying and overtaxing our customers. This must be due to incorrect contact or payment details.

“We have refunded all of our customers who contacted us directly for refunds, whether they were cash refunds or vouchers. There is no one waiting in line to be refunded except for the small number of passengers.” Who were fooled by this screen Third party scrapers that we have incorrect contact details for and that we cannot contact the customer with. “

Mr O’Leary pointed out that a passenger review screen is displayed on the Ryanair website for anyone who has booked through a travel agent or a third party and still believes they are due a refund.

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