Ryanair flight forced to divert because of 'potential security threat'

A Ryanair flight from Dublin to Krakow had to be rerouted after fears of a possible security threat.

The plane landed in Berlin around 7 p.m. yesterday evening.

Local German newspaper Picture newspaper said there was a bomb hazard on board the plane – but after a search nothing “unpleasant” was found on the plane.

Ryanair said that Irish examiner: “The crew who flew yesterday on a Ryanair flight from Dublin to Krakow FR1901 have been informed by German air traffic control about a potential security threat on board.

“The captain followed the instructions and was diverted to the nearest airport, Berlin.

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“The plane landed safely and the passengers were unloaded to allow comprehensive security checks of the passengers and all their luggage.”

Bild reported that all 160 passengers had to get off the plane during the search, with sniffer dogs checking the baggage.

The statement added that once cleared by the German authorities, travelers continued to travel to Krakow aboard a replacement Ryanair aircraft.

The plane landed in Berlin on an unscheduled basis

Ryanair apologized for the delay, which is said to be around eight hours.

Passengers returning to Dublin from Krakow were delayed less than 15 minutes after a replacement aircraft became available.

The Mirror has approached Ryanair for comment.

The incident comes just over a week after another Ryanair flight had to land in Belarus.

Ryanair flight FR4978 from Greece to Lithuania changed course for Minsk on May 23 after a Belarusian MIG fighter was sentenced to a perceived fear of bombs.

More than 100 passengers had to land in Belarus against their will – and the action led to the arrest of the journalist Roman Protasevich, whom Dominic Raab of the regime led by Alexander Lukashenko had called “false” accusations.


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