Ryanair threat to axe flights in backlash over 'draconian' lockdown

Low-cost airline Ryanair has threatened to suspend all flights from the UK and Ireland until the end of this month to crack down on “draconian” travel lockdowns.

The airline believes Covid lockdowns will force them to drastically cut their flight schedules as passenger numbers drop.

Ryanair fears the recent coronavirus travel restrictions could reduce traffic to just 500,000 passengers per month in February and March. The airline has announced this significantly shortened its flight plans from January 21st with “few, if any” flights to and from the UK and Ireland.

Further cuts in flights will reduce the passenger forecast from under 35 million to 26 to 30 million customers.

Ryanair urged the government to speed up the coronavirus vaccine roll-out and blasted tight controls while traveling.

Recently, bosses were criticized for an advertising campaign asking customers to get the Covid vaccine and book a short vacation.

A spokesman for the low-cost airline said: “The World Health Organization previously confirmed that governments should do everything possible to avoid brutal lockdowns, as lockdowns won’t get rid of the virus.”

“The travel restrictions for Covid-19 are already the strictest in Europe, so these new flight restrictions are inexplicable and ineffective.

“Vaccinations rather than Lock is the way out of this Covid-19 crisis. The sooner action is taken to accelerate vaccine adoption, the better. ”

Ryanair added, “All customers affected by these additional flight cancellations and travel restrictions will receive emails informing them of their entitlement to free removals and / or refunds.”


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