Ryanair to dump "Jab & Go" ad campaign at Birmingham Airport

The low-cost airline Ryanair has agreed to launch its advertising campaign after hundreds of complaints.

It is being investigated by the Advertising Standards Authority’s industry observer as part of the campaign that encouraged potential passengers to book travel after the introduction of the Covid vaccine.

The action, which began on Boxing Day and includes flights from Birmingham Airport, is said to have brought in more than 1,500 complaints, and the ASA is looking to see if the rules have been broken.

Ryanair operates a hub at Birmingham Airport and usually flies to a variety of European cities and holiday destinations.

The airline said in the ad: “Covid vaccines are coming, so book your Easter and summer holidays with Ryanair today.”

A verdict has yet to be released, but Ryanair has announced that it will withdraw the campaign.


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The ASA in Ireland has already stated that after 59 complaints have been received, the report should not be continued in its current form.

Ryanair replied that the campaign was both “factual and correct”.

A spokesman said: “The ASA’s decision goes against the successful launch of vaccines in the UK. While this decision is unfounded, Ryanair will comply with it and the Jab & Go ads will not be re-run.”

In response, the AS A said: “ASA will publish the results of its formal investigation into Ryanair’s ‘Jab and Go’ ad soon. Until then, we have no further comment.”

Ryanair currently has “few, if any” flights to and from the UK and Ireland as it is known as “draconian” coronavirus travel restrictions.

In a statement earlier this month it said: “Ryanair will cut its flight schedules significantly from January 21st, which will result in few, if any, flights to / from Ireland or the UK from late January to late January These draconian travel restrictions will be lifted. “


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