Rylan Clark's shocking revelation as he says that he become 'mentally unstable'

Rylan Clark has announced that he has become “mentally unstable” and extremely thin after breaking up with his husband.

The TV host dropped to 9st 13 pounds after breaking up with six-year-old partner Dan Neal and his family became worried about him.

However, he soon changed his diet and began a new exercise program that helped him regain a healthy weight and feel safe in his body. reports the sun.

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He said, “I got sick and I lost weight, I went back to under ten stone – and I’m six feet, so that’s not good.

“The honest truth is that it sucked.

“I didn’t bother with what happened, and now I am. I felt uncomfortable and it was a very difficult time for me. “

Rylan spent a lot of time with his mother, Linda, whom he calls his rock.

He said, “My mother was very worried about me, as was my entire family.

“I don’t just go away for four months – it doesn’t just happen.

“Mom was a lifesaver for me and one of my biggest regrets this year was that my mom wasn’t fine with me.

“I had to go back to myself.”

Rylan returned to Strictly: It Takes Two that fall and decided to get well.

He’s signed up for the Six Pack Revolution program, a 75-day plan led by personal training sessions from body transformation guru Scott Harrison.

Rylan said, “When I started to feel more about myself, I wanted to feel more secure in my body.

“My brother recommended Scott and we became best friends. It was amazing. This is not the end goal – it is just phase one.

“Getting fit and taking care of my body saved me. Fitness gave me a goal. “

Scott trained Rylan at the TV star’s home gym and created a nutritional plan that included seven to nine healthy small meals and snacks a day, as well as reducing alcohol consumption.

Rylan said, “It did more for my mental health than my body, which is a crazy statement because you can physically see your body change.

My mother was very worried about me, as was my entire family. Mama was a lifesaver for me.

He added, “It gave me a reason to get up. When Scott knocked on my door at half past six in the morning, you can’t stay in bed.

“I mostly cut alcohol from my diet – it had to go. I’m not going to lie, it wasn’t the easiest time for me – so there would be one night or another where I fell off the car and had a glass of wine. ”

Even Rylan is shocked at how effective the results are.

He said, “I was so body conscious before that I wouldn’t even take off my top on the beach.

“The clothes fit me differently now – I can’t believe it. I’m not the topless type, but I wanted to scream about Scott’s program because he’s helped me so much. “

Can’t wait to take the job this year, Rylan adds, “I’ll open my arms wide and take opportunities with both hands.

“I’m glad 2021 is over and I can’t wait to see what this year has in store.

“As one of my best friends says to me: ‘2022 is for you’.”

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