Home Tech Ryzen 5000 support for 400 series motherboards!

Ryzen 5000 support for 400 series motherboards!

Ryzen 5000 support for 400 series motherboards!

With the release of 5th generation Ryzen processors on October 8, AMD continues to work to provide the necessary support for these processors. Currently MSI has provided the beta BIOS update to the B550 and X570 motherboards for 5000 series processors. By the end of the month, all major manufacturers are expected to provide the necessary updates. The 400 series motherboards, long talked about, also come with Ryzen 5000 support.

The new processors will take their place on shelves around the world on November 5.

Ryzen 5000 support comes to 400 series motherboards

With the introduction of the A520 and B550 chipset motherboards in the summer, the 500 series motherboards were also completed. AMD doesn’t advertise X670 motherboards, apparently hiding 6000 series motherboards in the AM5 socket. Months ago, AMD had said that motherboards with X470 and B550 chipsets would not support 5th generation Ryzen processors. However, the responses prompted AMD to turn away from this decision.

Ryzen 5000 support for 400 series motherboards! 1

Although the motherboards with X470 and B450 chipsets do not have PCIe 4.0 support, they have very good cooling models. Using the comments, AMD has determined the date of the next update for these motherboards. The official date for Ryzen 5000 series support for the 400 series motherboards is January 2021. It is not yet known why AMD has left the BIOS update for 400 chipset motherboards so late. As a result of the agreements made, such a decision may have been taken to sell new motherboards.

AGESA version has been released for 500 series motherboards. Motherboard manufacturers are now responsible for updates through November 5th. With the processors officially released, the manufacturers should have released AGESA or later.

Since even the entry-level A520 chipset motherboards support Ryzen 9 5000 series processors, the delay of the update for X470 motherboards will anger the motherboard owners. If you have a motherboard with a B450 or X470 chipset and you want to use a 5000 series processor, you have to wait a few more months.



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