Sainsbury's skillfully shuts down 'white history month' question

Sainsbury's skillfully shuts down 'white history month' question

Sainsbury’s has won an army of fans after the person in charge of their social media cleverly turned people off and asked why there isn’t a “White History Month”.

The comment came at the start of Black History Month, which began as “Remembrance of Important People and Events in the History of the African Diaspora” and has been featured in the UK since 1987.

A number of Twitter and Facebook users used the social media platforms to ask, “Where is White History Day?”

On Sainsbury’s official report, he replied, “Currently there is no nationally recognized day or month known as White History Month, and in an ideal world we wouldn’t need a specific month to celebrate a group of people because we are all alike and would be celebrated anytime.

“Instead, one could say that it is more common for us to celebrate the achievements and historical contributions of whites than for any other ethnic or racial group.

“In order to broaden our view of the world, it is therefore helpful to have certain days and months in the focus of other ethnic groups that have historically been marginalized or put under pressure.”

People used social media to praise the response.

James O’Brien tweeted, “This Sainsbury social media guy has a better grasp of reality than the country’s highest-paid columnists.”

Lou Kyme tweeted, “It’s a perfectly crafted answer. The Person” What About White History Month? “She picked her up beautifully.”

Sainsbury’s this weekend defended its statement in support of Black History Month with some people who said they stopped using the chain because they were tired of hearing about black culture.

Sainsbury tweeted, “We are proud to celebrate Black History Month with our black colleagues, customers and communities, and we will not tolerate racism.

“We pride ourselves on representing and serving our diverse society, and anyone who doesn’t want to shop at an inclusive retailer is welcome to shop elsewhere.”

On Facebook, Val Holt said, “Well done Sainsbury’s, it’s just sad to think that you think it necessary to make the statement. Everyone should feel safe from any prejudice wherever they are.”

Laura Jane Liosi wrote: “Sainsbury did it !! So amazing to see an answer like this one”

Janine Marsh wrote, “Sainsbury’s Mic Drop.”



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