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Sam Fisher llega a Rainbow Six Siege

Sam Fisher llega a Rainbow Six Siege

Ubisoft confirms that Splinter Cell’s protagonist is one of the new agents we will be handling in the new season of Rainbow Six Siege.

Sam Fisher is back … but not Splinter Cell. And given the spy’s appearance in Ghost Recon Breakpoint and the approaching Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad, we are very worried that this is the third time that has happened. Still, it’s still a joy that Ubisoft continues to count on the character, to the point that it makes him one of the stars of the new Rainbow Six Siege season. He will be one of the new agents arriving with Year 5 Season 4, which will be called Operation Shadow Legacy, and will feature an initial Fisher gameplay on August 16 at 8:00 p.m. local Spanish time. All via a streaming that can be followed through the game’s Twitch channel.

Prepare. To carry out. It disappears.

Fisher’s new foray into video games comes exactly seven years after his latest adventure, Splinter Cell Blacklist (from 2013). And yes, it is worthwhile that our hero has never been a child and he may be thinking about retirement, but the character continues to hold a very special place in the hearts of users, especially those who like stealth, who do not get tired his to ask him over and over for his return. Ubisoft’s actual CEO, Yves Guillemot, had to go out to justify the absence of the saga recently, assuring they would announce it “at some point.” It’s one of those franchises like Prince of Persia, on which the company promises to “gather resources” from time to time. Fingers crossed that this new appearance of yours, the third of 2020, also serves as a preview of the future. After all, Sam’s voice actor in Italy, Luca Ward, only said a few days ago that a new game was already underway. The clues are there.

Rainbow Six Siege is still sweet

As for Rainbow Six Siege, the game seems to have found the formula for eternal youth. Such is the success that Ubisoft has confirmed a version for PS5 and Xbox Series X that will be available on the same launch day for both consoles. It will include several improvements in the technical part and will not divide the community as they will be completely cross play. In addition, these versions are completely free for holders of a copy of the game in the current generation. Policies that lead this chapter of the series to more than 50 million players and have its own spin-off, Rainbow Six Quarantine, slated for 2021. It seems incredible, but Operation Shadow Legacy with Fisher comes just a few months after the latest update. Operation Steel Wave, showing how vibrant the community is and the content’s willingness to innovate and grow.



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