Samsung Could Launch A Rollable Phone This Year

Samsung: We are in a time of many changes for smartphone manufacturers. With the integration of screens that can be folded without losing their capabilities, concerns arise to know if there is a chance to see new terminals this year that will show more progress in the market. And again, Samsung could be the one that will soon surprise us with a rollable phone.

Samsung may be working on its rollable phone

Flexible phones are not new to users. We have become accustomed to seeing the advancement in telephony in this segment by: Samsung and other companies, but the fact is that none of them will last in the devices they have on the market today.

And it is that today is the time to talk about the house in Seoul, since Samsung could be behind his first roll-up phone. It wasn’t enough for him to have one of the most important series of devices in the segment with his Galaxy Z Fold and Flip, but he is looking for a way to bring a new feature for his phones to the world.

It’s a roll-up phone, something that hasn’t been talked about much for two years. But the rumors are fueling more and more and somewhat strange data from the company itself is starting to leak. One of them is this tweet that talks about Diamond, the code name given to the next phone from the Korean company.

Not much data yet.

The arrival of a rollable telephone by Samsung is great news for the segment. The integration into the market will give something to talk about beyond what the folding models now give, simply because of its novelty. But there’s no doubt that we’ll likely have more information on it as the months go by.

In that sense, we remember the LG Rollable, that device that the other Korean firm showed us in an announcement at CES 2021. So LG was eagerly expected to come to the table with this device, but unfortunately we will never know. after the company closed its cell phone division.

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