Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and 10+ S Pen is in trouble?

Samsung Galaxy: Owners and owners of Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10+ According to SamMobile, devices have reported unexpected problems with the S Pen. According to the vehicle, the accessory will disconnect from the device it is attached to for no apparent reason, hindering the use of certain features such as Air Actions.

This may not be exactly new, but the frequency is said to have increased after the March or April 2021 security patch arrived, causing a lot of irritation. Still, the site acknowledges that there is no evidence to tie the update to the stumbling block.


There are those who claim that the failure occurs after the S Pen is taken out of the storage silo, preventing even manual reconnection of the component and making it impossible to operate the camera application, browse the photos in galleries, and so on. In any case, touches on the screen would not be affected.

Finally, to prevent error messages from constantly appearing on the screen, some people chose to disable Air Actions completely – something that’s been happening since 2020. Hoping to fix the problem, they reached out to SamMobile to get the attention of South Korean teams. .

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