Samsung Galaxy S22: Will It Come With A Charger And Headphones?

Samsung Galaxy S22: You open the box of your new Samsung Galaxy mobile: the terminal comes, that little metal thing to open the SIM tray, and the charging cable. But something is missing: it does not come with the charger. Not the headphones. We are talking about a mobile between 900 – 1200 euros and it does not have those two things. why? Will it happen this year too?

The footprint in the environment

That happened in 2021 with the Samsung Galaxy S21, which did not come with anything other than the charging cable. Samsung’s official response, direct from its website, is this:

“The Galaxy S21 series does not come with a headphone or charger plug in the box because Samsung wants to minimize the impact of its products on the environment. More and more Galaxy users are making sustainable choices in their daily lives to promote better habits.” To support our Galaxy community on this journey, we are phasing out earphone and charger plugs starting with the Galaxy S21 series.

Samsung believes that removing earphones and charger plugs from our device packaging can help solve the growing problem of electronic waste and unnecessary duplication of these items. Existing Galaxy users are encouraged to continue to use their current headset and charging plugs, while new users will need to purchase them separately. Samsung chargers are now available at new lower prices.

A USB Type-C data cable is included in the package to connect the smartphone to the charger socket.

USB-C is the most common type of charger for smartphones and other mobile devices, as it enables high-speed data transfer and power flow, and charges your phone faster. The USB-C cable is also reversible, can be plugged in either direction and used on all Samsung Galaxy devices, so newer smartphone models are still compatible with older chargers.”

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