Samsung Galaxy S30 Plus disappointed in test

Samsung Galaxy S30 Plus disappointed in test

A benchmark test leaked on Wednesday (23) conducted with the Galaxy S30 Plus, one of the models that will integrate Samsung’s flagship device expected to debut in 2021, showed that the device may not be as powerful as expected.

The test results, which appeared in the Geekbench performance comparator, were made with a device whose model number, SM-G996B, is linked to the Samsung Galaxy S30 Plus (or Galaxy S21 Plus, with which it can also be called). The tested phone version has Android 11, 8 GB of RAM and an unknown Exynos 2100 processor.

There are still no details on this chipset, but the score was lower than the first reference of the Exynos 1000, a processor speculated to be chosen to equip the Galaxy S30 (or S21) line.

In the leaked results, the S30 Plus with Exynos 2100 achieved 1,038 points in the single-core test and 3,060 points in the multi-core, while the data from the Exynos 1000 was 1,302 and 4,250 points, respectively. Despite this, it turned out to be better than the tests of the Exynos 990 on the S20 Plus (900 points on the single-core and 2,800 on the multi-core).

Reason for low performance

Since it is not known under what conditions the chipset was tested, one explanation for the low performance of the S30 Plus in the benchmark test is that it may have been done with an early version of the processor.

After undergoing tweaks to optimize performance before the launch of the final version of the smartphone, probably in February next year, it is possible that it will show better results in future tests.

In addition to the version with the Exynos processor, according to rumors, the new top of the range from Samsung may also be offered in a variant with Snapdragon 875 in some markets.


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