Samsung Has Not Given Up On the Galaxy Note Brand, Indicates Leakage

Samsung has officially confirmed that it won’t release a new-generation Galaxy Note in 2021, with all chips put in the foldable models for the second half of this year — including support for the S Pen in the Z Fold 3. But does that really mean it will? be abandoned forever in the device family?

According to leak expert Ice Universe, there are indications that the company is already working to retake the line by 2022. “Someone in the supply chain has seen evidence of the existence of the next-generation Galaxy Note,” says one user on your Twitter profile.

For now, there is no information about the tweet and no confirmations from other sources. The latest information is that the company has not renewed the “Galaxy Note” brand in South Korea while other devices such as Galaxy S and Galaxy M have gone through the process.

However, this is not yet final, as the brand will expire in April 2023 – giving the opportunity to launch a Galaxy Note next year, accompanied by a last-minute extension.

For now, the information is quite fragile in detail and should be treated as rumor. However, it was the Ice Universe itself that brought the information earlier this year that the line would be crippled by the brand.

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