Samsung May Postpone Galaxy S22 To Launch S21 FE First

Samsung may change the release schedule for the first half of 2022 to accommodate products queuing up to hit stores. According to the site SamMobile, the South Korean manufacturer should postpone the unveiling of its most important smartphone of the generation, the Galaxy S22, so that another device is presented, the Galaxy S21 FE.

According to the report, the problem is in the Galaxy S21 FE. The model has already been leaked in every way and has even been approved for sale in Brazil, but the expected launch for July 2021 was not fulfilled.

The shortage of chips in the industry and the prioritization of other products would have been the main reason, though Samsung itself has not responded to the matter. There are rumors that it could even be ruled out, but it is more likely that the announcement will take place in January 2022, at the beginning of the year.

In addition to a more discreet presentation, sales of the Galaxy S21 FE should be limited to certain regions, at least initially – a strategy not to let the device compete directly with others of the brand itself.

And the Galaxy S22?

This would move the launch of the Galaxy S22 from January to February next year, in a possible Galaxy Unpacked event. So far, there is no official indication of what the company’s plans will be.

This would be the return of Samsung’s old calendar, with the Galaxy S line next to or just before the annual Mobile World Congress, a mobile fair held in Barcelona, ​​Spain, from late February to early March. MWC 2022 will take place between February 28 and March 3.

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