Samsung Promises 4 Years Of Updates For These Galaxy Phones

Samsung: How many years can we update a mobile with the annual versions that come out of operating systems such as Android? 2 years? 3 years at most? And the same with security patches. The current rhythm of the sector brings us each year the most innovative and cutting-edge. But that same speed plays against the fact that a mobile that has been on the market for 1 year is already outdated and must be renewed for a more modern one. And this in turn brings with it an (un)planned obsolescence, but it is derived in terms of things like operating systems.

Well, if you buy a Galaxy S22 in any model, Samsung promises you up to 4 years of Android updates.

4 years and Android versions for the Samsung Galaxy S22

Ash Samsung highlighted last week: “As part of our commitment to offer users the best possible performance and mobile experience, the entire Galaxy S22 series will be compatible with up to four generations of Android operating system updates.”

In this way, “millions of Galaxy users can benefit from the latest security, productivity and other exciting features, for longer. Samsung will extend this effort across its entire product line to ensure that the user receives complete support. throughout its Galaxy ecosystem.”

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