Samsung Shows Galaxy S21 FE And Cases Ahead Of Time

Samsung finally accidentally revealed a full list of available case models for the Galaxy S21 FE, a smartphone already considered the “most leaked” smartphone to date. On December 17, photos of the device appeared on the Indonesian portal of Samsung.

In total there are fifteen case options for the Galaxy S21 FE. Samsung offers five types of accessories, two of which are transparent and colorless: the Transparent and Transparent Standing cases. The three other models come in different colors, to be combined with the original shades of the devices.

What will the colors of the Galaxy S21 FE cases be?

The silicone covers come, according to the brand’s page, in black, lilac, olive green, white and red (which is not present in other models). The case of the Galaxy S21 FE The Smart Clear View model is available in black, lavender, olive green and white. The thin strap case, a kind of bracelet, is transparent and has straps in navy blue, yellow, orange or lime green.

Despite the images posted on the Hungarian portal and released by the GalaxyVilaga website, it is practically certain that the Galaxy S21 FE will be launched by Samsung with only four color options: black (graphite), lavender, olive and white, unless some surprise has been reserved in South Korean. The official release of the device is expected to take place on January 4, with the in-store launch on January 11.

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