Samsung The Wall of 146 Inches Can Be Visited in São Paulo

Samsung: The wall, Samsung’s 146-inch giant screen, will be one of the stars of the 2021 edition of the architecture and decoration exhibition organized by the Artefacto store in São Paulo. In a statement released on Thursday (24) the South Korean giant said the public can get to know the innovative TV up close by visiting the event.

Launched at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2018), the massive modular TV features a bezel-less design and offers a cinema-like immersion, according to the manufacturer. It uses MicroLED technology, which guarantees superior quality images, high brightness and sharpness, combined with bright environments.

Vibrant colours, contrasts with intense blacks and a high degree of realism in the images are other attractions, thanks to technologies such as Ultra Chroma and Black Seal. Integration with home automation systems, allowing control over The Wall Samsung via mobile devices, is another highlight.

In addition to the model that will be seen on Artefacto Haddock Lobo, the screen has another version in Brazil, even bigger, with a size of 219 inches. Both variants have “Entertainment Mode”, for better use of streaming apps, and can come with decorative frames.

Open to the public

Interested in getting to know Samsung’s modular TV with MicroLED technology can be found in the Carlos Rossi Arquitetura room at the fair. Artefacto is located at Rua Haddock Lobo, 1405, in the Jardim Paulista neighborhood, in the city of São Paulo.

according to Samsung, The Wall (“The Wall”, in free translation) will be exhibited in the unit for a year, with the possibility to schedule individual visits. A specialist from the manufacturer will be present at the Artefacto Haddock Lobo exhibition, who will provide consumers with more information about how the product works.

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