Samsung Will Increase The RAM Of Its Mobiles In A Virtual Way, Which Mobiles Already Have It

Samsung: Your smartphone’s RAM is volatile memory that is faster than any other type of storage. When you open an application on the phone, it is called a process and these processes (multiple applications) are stored in the background in the physical RAM. RAM allows applications to load faster without much lag.


Along the same lines, virtual RAM uses the phone’s internal storage as improvised RAM, popularly known as virtual RAM. In layman’s terms, virtual RAM is a feature where some of the phone’s internal storage is used as additional RAM, effectively increasing the total amount of RAM on the smartphone.

As the name suggests, it is a “virtual” RAM, which means that the amount of extended RAM is not physically present as RAM in the mobile. For example, if a phone has 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage and you expand the RAM by 4 GB, you now have 12 GB of RAM and about 123 GB of internal storage, similar to how Windows allocates a certain amount of memory. disk storage to use as virtual RAM when physical memory runs out. And that’s exactly what Samsung just performed.

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