Samsung’s Charger to Offer 65W Fast Charging Displayed

An image of a charger showing that Samsung can provide 65W fast charging support in the Galaxy S21 series was shared today. The charger, previously certified in September, is still a prototype model.

In recent months, we have learned that the Samsung Galaxy S21 series will be released with a 25W charger. But two weeks ago, Samsung deleted the posts from social media accounts that Apple was tired of not including the charger in its new smartphone line. This was a big sign that Samsung would follow Apple.

So how much charging support does Samsung offer in its new smartphone series? While the allegations on this issue previously pointed to support for 45W fast charging, a new photo was shared today. This photo, which belongs to a charger that Samsung has not yet released, showed that the charger has a higher power than expected.

Charger with support for 65W fast charging showing:

Samsung’s charger with ‘D.Sample_PCB Rev 1.0’ on it is a prototype with support for 65W fast charging. However, the same charger we see in the photo was also featured on the South Korean certification site on September 23, 2020. The re-appearance of the charger indicates that the Samsung Galaxy S21 series will have 65W fast charging support.

While a prototype charger from Samsung has surfaced, we don’t know if the Galaxy S21 series will definitely have 65W fast charging support. Samsung has added 45W fast charging support to the flagship Ultra model of its previous Galaxy S20 series. Therefore, at this point we can say that there are several possibilities for the new series.

Samsung may not support 65W fast charging on every model in the new series. However, the company may only support 65W on the Ultra model and may release other models with support for 45W fast charging. We won’t be able to see which of these capabilities from Samsung’s new line up until Thursday.

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