Samsung’s patent for transparent phone revealed

Samsung’s patent for transparent phone revealed

A new patent has revealed that Samsung is working on a fully transparent smartphone. Although it is not known what functionality the device in question will offer, it can be said that it offers a pleasant visual.

South Korean technology giant Samsung has applied for a new patent titled ‘Method of Producing Transparent Imaging Device and Similar’. The patent in question shows a fully transparent smartphone inside and out.

First of all, the patent in question raises two fundamental questions: The first is whether a smartphone with many components can be truly transparent. The second is whether we really need a fully transparent smartphone.

Patent showing Samsung’s fully transparent smartphone

In response to the first question; Transparent versions of some hardware such as batteries and screens are already available. Some hardware gets smaller with each new generation and starts to take up less space in phones. Therefore, it may be possible to produce a completely transparent smart phone by shrinking the hardware that cannot be made transparent one day to fit the frame of the device – even if not today.

Concept created for Samsung’s fully transparent smartphone

When we come to the second question, the need for a fully transparent smartphone, we can say that the answer will vary from user to user. Because we do not yet know how Samsung will provide users with a transparent smartphone in terms of functionality. Nevertheless, the fact that today’s smartphones come to the market with similar designs altogether, technology giants are forced to develop more innovative designs to be separated from their competitors.

LetsGoDigital collaborated with designer Giuseppe Spinelli to reveal what the smartphone in Samsung’s patent will look like if it becomes a real product. Accordingly, Samsung’s fully transparent smartphone will be like the images below and above, at least according to the patent images.


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