Santander Bank Users, New Victims Of An SMS To Steal Money

Santander: If you are not a user of the Banco Santander entity you don’t need to worry about this news. But if so, you should be careful if you receive a text message with the characteristics of the message we are reproducing here. And it is that a campaign to send fraudulent text messages masquerading as banks like Santander has been detected.

The target? Refer the victim to a bogus website to steal their access credentials and bank details, with the excuse that they have a new security service available for their clients to apply. The classic phishing scam, but one that continues to pay off for cyber criminals.

Santander’s fake text message

If they alert the National Police Twitter, you may receive a text message on your cell phone with the classic slogan of Santander informs. “A text message that is also attractive because it tells you how they are going to make you money:

Santander informs: we inform you that you have received a refund. Go to the online account and check your situation on our site ”.

This is where the alarms go off because, apart from misspelling the name of the entity, that website is not the official website. The real site is, and another clue as to the questionable origin of the text message is that when you enter the link, you will get the notification from Google indicating that ‘Santandern’ website is a misleading website is.

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