Sarah Everard murder: Police confirm human remains found

Human remains were found in the search for missing Mrs. Sarah Everard, City Police Commissioner Cressida Dick said on Wednesday.

The development came hours after it was confirmed that a police officer detained for Ms. Everard’s disappearance had been arrested on suspicion of murder.

On Wednesday evening, police confirmed that the news was found. The discovery was made in a wooded area in Ashford, Kent, said Commissioner Dick.

“We cannot confirm an identity. It may take some time,” she added.

Ms. Everard’s disappearance under “dire and dire circumstances” has been every family’s nightmare, Ms. Dick said. She said Londoners should know that “luckily, it’s incredibly rare” when a woman is kidnapped from the streets of the capital. The Commissioner added that her thoughts were with Ms. Everard’s family.

On Wednesday before, the city police had announced that the arrested man, who is over 40 years old and part of the parliamentary and diplomatic protection command, had been questioned on suspicion of kidnapping and murder.

Ms. Dick added, “Today’s news that a metropolitan police officer arrested on suspicion of Sarah’s murder has sparked shock waves and anger among the public and the Met.

“I speak on behalf of all of my colleagues when I say that we are extremely appalled by this terrible, terrible news. Our job is to patrol the streets and protect people. “

Two Kent locations were searched Wednesday as the search for the missing 33-year-old resumed – one of which is believed to be the suspect’s home.

Marketing director Ms. Everard disappeared on Wednesday March 3rd while walking home from a friend’s apartment in south London.

Late Tuesday, the Met police announced that a serving officer of the force had been arrested as part of the investigation, but in an unusual step would not reveal what he had been detained for.

On Wednesday, the troops announced that he had been arrested first on suspicion of kidnapping and later on murder. He is also asked about a separate allegation of indecent exposure.

During the Kent police raids, a tent was erected in front of a house on Freemens Way in Deal, where several cars were taken away by investigators. A metal fence was later built around the front yard and driveway.

A neighbor on the street said a policeman lived at the address with his “talkative” wife and two children.

She said, “They just seemed like a normal, normal family, nothing strange about them at all.”

She added that the police were digging the garden.

Matt Mullan, 29, who also lives nearby, told the PA: “Police cars were parked outside all night last night.

“I found that a bit strange, not normal for the round here.

“It was about 8:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., there was a lot of traffic outside, and there were police cars outside all morning.

“It’s very surprising, definitely not what you’d expect.”

Another said, “You don’t really expect it to be on your doorstep.

“You see it every day on TV and on the news, but you don’t expect it.”

The land near Ashford is a disused outdoor activity and golf center near the village of Great Chart.

Downing Street said Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s thoughts are with Ms. Everard and her friends and family.

His official spokesman told journalists at a briefing in Westminster: “As the investigation into this case is still ongoing, I cannot comment on it.”

“But the Prime Minister’s thoughts are with Sarah and her friends and family.”

The arrested officer, who was off duty at the time of Ms. Everard’s disappearance, was responsible for uniformed surveillance of the diplomatic premises.

Deputy Commissioner Nick Ephgrave said Wednesday morning at Scotland Yard: “The fact that the man who was arrested is an acting metropolitan police officer is both shocking and deeply worrying.”

He told reporters that detectives are working “at full speed” to find out what happened to Ms. Everard and repeatedly appealed to the public to provide information.

When he reached out to the 33-year-old’s family, who, along with their friends, had desperately asked for help via social media, he said, “As the father of four young women, I can only imagine the fear Sarah’s family feels in this one very difficult time. “

Ms. Everard is said to have walked through Clapham Common to her home in Brixton – a journey that should have taken about 50 minutes.

She was last captured with a doorbell camera on March 3 at around 9:30 p.m. on the A205 Poynders Road towards Tulse Hill.


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