Savvy mum transforms IKEA toy kitchen into ingenious play area for daughter

Jackie Suniga, 30, an apprentice plumber from Melbourne, wanted to turn an IKEA toy set into a working mini kitchen so that her daughter could have something to play with

Man renovates a working Kmart toy kitchen for his daughter

An accomplished mom has transformed an IKEA toy kitchen into a modern play set with running water and authentic copper pipe handles.

Jackie Suniga, a plumber apprentice from Melbourne, wanted to build her daughter, one-year-old Arya, a functioning mini-kitchen so that she could have something to play with.

The 30-year-old used an Ikea toy kitchen and a Kmart wooden play set that was bought second-hand on the Facebook marketplace to make her nifty gift.

In a TikTok video She said of the transformation: “We hacked an IKEA play kitchen into a functional kitchen. So we hacked off the fridge in a Kmart kitchen.

“Then we primed and painted it, put rattan in the oven and microwave, added the water pump and soap dispenser.”

The end result was awesome


Jae Vader / TikTok)

The video then shows that there is a fully functional faucet with running water as part of the facility.

She and her fiancé removed the fridge from the Kmart playset and redesigned the Ikea kitchen with some paint and new handles made of copper tubing.

They also used marble-look tiles for peeling and gluing in their design.

She bought the water dispenser from eBay to make the sink.

She redesigned the item that was originally shown here so that her daughter can play with it



She said, “It’s an electric water dispenser that has a pipe in a four-liter glass that feeds it water and the sink drains into another four-liter glass so it doesn’t overflow.”

In conversation with Daily Mail Australia The mother said she wanted to add a water feature to the kitchen so her daughter can play with it while she learns to wash before and after eating.

She said, “I basically fell in love with the Montessori idea of ​​a functional kitchen that would teach Arya practical hand washing chores.

“I also wanted her to use the sink to chop up her own fruit instead of believing it because children build confidence and skills when they can really do something that their parents can watch on their own.”


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