Scammers using clever trick in 'innocent' social media quizzes

“Innocent” looking social media quizzes are being used by cyber fraudsters to hack your personal information, police have warned.

West Mercia Police Department urges people to be careful how much information they share in trivia questions about your childhood, pets, school, and music that seem like a fun way to connect with friends.

The social media quizzes are compared to a “thief who steals your passport”. reports Birmingham Live.

Detective Sergeant Jon Cooper said, “Please take note of some of the posts you are commenting on as they ask innocent questions to get important data about you and are getting smarter and more covert about their style and design.

“It’s not just who your childhood best friend was, your first car, the place you were born or your first pet, but more indirect questions like ‘Have you ever cried over a dog that died?’ “

He added, “And then people are pretty innocent of sharing their names in the comments, which is likely memorable and therefore answers a bank account security question, etc.

“The same goes for when you remember when an album was first released or your favorite class at school.

“All very cleverly designed to extract vital data about you into an open source file where the criminals just sit back and watch people offer information that they can use to hack accounts or steal identities.

“The advice is not to stop doing fun things on social media, just thinking about what you’re saying, how personal it is, who you might be telling it to, and who might be reading it,” he explained.

“Organized crime gangs, online scammers, text message scammers, cyber criminals, and identity thieves are smart, original, and have a global pool of potential victims.

“Everyone needs to know who has access to their personal data and what you are sharing.

“For more information on how to be safe online, please visit our website for advice and assistance.”


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