Scared riders walk down UK's tallest rollercoaster after it breaks down

Thrill-seeking riders on the UK’s tallest roller coaster had to climb down the ride after it collapsed this afternoon.

The Big One at Blackpool Pleasure Beach – 65 m high – stopped near the top of the ride.

Park staff accompanied the riders along the roller coaster. Lancashire Live reported.

Pictures of the rescue were shared online.

One person said, “OMG. Big One pulled up to the top at noon today and the staff had to get everyone down safely. Well done

“I think I would have been really scared. Then it was sent empty around the track a few times, then we went home a bit excited. Everything went well.”

Another commented: “My brother is in Blackpool and just broadcast a video of people stuck on top of the Big One and having to get down to get off.

“I’d be welded to my seat. You’d have to get me out with a crane.”

A third person said, “The people in Blackpool are walking down the Big One. At least they’ll get their steps done today.”

Blackpool Pleasure Beach only reopened two weeks ago when lockdown measures subsided.

The amusement park was asked for a comment.


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