Schiff subpoenas DHS over whistleblower complaint

Schiff subpoenas DHS over whistleblower complaint

Neither DHS nor Maher immediately responded to a request for comment.

The subpoenas issued on Tuesday give DHS until October 6th to hand over previously requested documents pertinent to the Intelligence Committee’s investigation into the Murphy complaint.

In a complaint filed with Congressional Intelligence Committees earlier this month, Murphy accused Acting DHS Secretary Chad Wolf and Acting Vice President Ken Cuccinelli of pressuring him to provide evidence of Russia’s malicious activities in the United States ignore or dilute and play evidence regarding Iranian and Iranian Chinese efforts to meddle in the November elections.

Murphy also alleged that the department’s political representatives tried to downplay the violence of the white supremacists in order to increase President Donald Trump’s emphasis on left-wing extremism.

According to the complaint, Murphy was downgraded from his post as head of the Intelligence and Analysis Bureau, a branch of the intelligence community, in retaliation for concerns about alleged political pressure.

The DHS and White House have vigorously denied Murphy’s claims, but Schiff has accused the department of deliberately slowing down the approval of security clearances for one of Murphy’s attorneys, causing his testimony to be postponed twice.

Murphy has already been investigated by Schiff’s committee on allegations that he used the department’s intelligence resources to track journalists covering protests in Portland, Oregon earlier this summer.

Daniel Lippman contributed to this report.


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