Schitt’s Creek Season 6: Review How Schitt’s Creek Became One Of The Most Successful Comedies On Television

Unlike many sitcoms that get formulaic as they age, CBC’s hit comedy has gotten smarter and witty as it approaches its final season.

Moira plays the same role in the season six opener, but she’s wearing a new wig (of course) and has made an improvised bed under her husband Johnny’s buttons.

Moira’s star is being suppressed again, this time by an industry that doesn’t understand the artful horror of avian-humanoid transmutations, while the rest of the Rose clan has made strides in their love lives and professions.


Schitt’s Creek is that rare gem that has gotten wiser, wittier and more loving as it has aged, unlike so many sitcoms that have gotten more formal and stale with the passing of the seasons. (Not that awards shows are necessarily the best barometer of good television, but when Schitt’s Creek was nominated for four Emmys last year, they were right.)

The Rose family is back in their lovingly dysfunctional true form in the final season. The Roses, a former one-percenter and Kardashian-Esque family lose everything and are forced to move into a small-town motel they bought for fun, according to the CBC sitcom.

Although Johnny, Moira and their two self-centered grown children David (Dan Levy) and Alexis (Annie Murphy) provide most of the laughs in the early seasons, the sitcom has expanded.

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The Roses’ sweet evolution and the unexpected relationships they’ve built with townspeople who become their business partners, love interests, and best friends have been the subject of storylines in recent seasons, rather than coming up with escape plans.

According to the first four episodes of Season 6, which have been sent to critics, the sitcom has no plans to change its ethos. Schitt’s Creek is so edible and enjoyable for its feel-good relationships, which are never too sweet for the show’s signature sardonic humor.

Schitt's Creek Season 6

As David and Patrick prepare for their wedding, Schitt’s Creek is praised for its casual, inclusive approach to LGBTQ issues, which will be a highlight this season. The couple visit a possible location in the first episode, a neat way that David describes as “the only location for miles that doesn’t look like a crime scene from a missing person documentary series.”

As David, Levy has exposed his vulnerability and sentimental impulses, a character arc that has made his relationship with Patrick one of the show’s most successful.

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The iconic sitcom has garnered a cult following and a syndication deal with Fox, and the sixth season looks set to turn into a victory lap.

But the final season of Schitt’s Creek isn’t like that of an elderly, fading athlete who returns for one more season in a desperate bid to extend his youth. The show is in the midst of its golden age.

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