School bans parents wearing dressing gowns from dropping off children

A school has reportedly banned parents from wearing dressing gowns when dropping off their children.

The Ayresome Primary in Middlesbrough in the northeast has reportedly branded dresses as “inappropriate”.

A school post has gone viral and social media users flocked to have their say as it was shared on various social networking platforms on Friday.

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It warns: “Can we please ask all parents / carers to dress appropriately when bringing and picking up the children from school.

“Men’s clothes in the school yard are not appropriate.”

A father told Teesside Live : “I’m absolutely fed up with it. It’s not difficult to get dressed in the morning.

“Imagine how much these kids get ridiculed when they go to school.

“They don’t even attract a fresh couple to pick them up. Many parents are disgusted by it.”

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Another parent said, “It’s not just a dressing gown, even though it’s full pajamas, but a dressing gown and slippers.

“It’s just normal here now.”

But another said: “The mothers shouldn’t come to school in their pajamas,” commented one father.

“They’re nightwear for a reason, so why should you wear them during the day?

“The children will find it acceptable and start repeating it.”

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