School students stabbed in classroom before taking exam in Japan

Two high school students preparing for their university entrance exams were stabbed to death along with a 70-year-old man by another student in Tokyo, Japan, on Saturday

Several high school students were stabbed to death before taking their Tokyo University entrance exams (


Two high school students taking their university entrance exams in Tokyo were injured along with a 70-year-old man in a stabbing attack by another student on Saturday.

Public broadcaster NHK said three people were conscious after being injured when a student attacked them with a knife in the morning as students gathered to take their entrance exams.

The alleged attacker, a 17-year-old high school student, was arrested on charges of attempted murder, NHK said.

A boy and a girl and a man in their 70s were taken to the hospital around 8.30am after the attack, sources said.

Half a million high school students across Japan are taking the annual university entrance exams this weekend at hundreds of locations across the country.

Public broadcaster NHK said three people were conscious after being injured



Despite the incident, the University of Tokyo conducted the first day of exams as planned.

The National Center for College Entrance Exams confirmed that two of the victims were male and female high school students taking the exams.

Police said another victim was a man in his 70s and he rushed to alert emergency services and report the attack.

A boy and girl and a man in their 70s were taken to hospital after the attack



Violent crime is rare in Japan, but there has been a spate of knife attacks by attackers unknown to the victims.

In October, a man dressed in Batman’s Joker costume stabbed more than a dozen people in a train car in Tokyo, sending passengers screaming down the aisles of the train cars and climbing out windows to escape.

A witness told the Yomiuri newspaper, “I thought it was a Halloween stunt.”

He said he saw panicked passengers run to his train car, adding: “Then I saw a man walking down that path slowly waving a long knife. There was blood on the knife.”

Another video on Twitter showed a bespectacled man in a purple suit, including a purple waistcoat, patterned tie and long coat.

As the passengers fled, he then sat quietly and lit a cigarette while waiting for the police to arrive.

A few months earlier, a man injured several people in a knife attack on a Tokyo commuter train.

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