School's toilet ban humiliated girl, says angry dad

A SCHOOL was charged with humiliating a teenage girl who was denied access to a toilet during her period.

The student’s father has spoken out against Northampton International Academy’s new policy of locking toilets during class, which was introduced when the school reopened after the lockdown.

Although pupils with a toilet card can use the toilet during class, it is said that it is “stressful”, “worrying” for young women, “having to sign” “when they are on their periods”.

In early September, shortly after the schools reopened, his daughter had to go to the bathroom urgently.

She had to use her phone to text her mother, who then called the school to ask her to let her daughter go to the bathroom. reports Northants Live.

“A young woman shouldn’t have to jump through so many hoops in order to maintain her hygiene and dignity,” said the father, who did not want to be named for reasons of data protection.

“A policy like this would not exist in any workplace.”

He added that he had written to the school trying to call to speak to a member of the executive team but was told there was no one available.

The school has defended the policy, saying it was introduced “to maximize class time and not disrupt class”.

According to NHS guidelines, tampons or sanitary napkins should be changed at least every four hours, and preferably more frequently.

According to Plan International UK, a child charity focused on gender equality, 48 percent of girls between the ages of 14 and 21 in the UK feel embarrassed about their periods.

“I am sure that every child who has to go to the toilet for personal hygiene reasons will not perform as well in class,” added the father.

“I find it absurd that school principals would consider allowing children to use the toilet as an appropriate, ethical, or sustainable way to control their behavior.”

A school representative said: “After returning to our normal school life, we have reintroduced systems where the main school toilets are open as usual at the beginning of the day, during breaks, during lunch breaks and at the end of the day.

“The pupils are therefore asked to use the facilities outside of the classroom whenever possible.

“This was reintroduced to maximize class time and not disrupt class. During class, students can use the toilet if they have a toilet badge. We continue to monitor this system. “

But the father of the NIA student hit back on the idea of ​​the toilet pass: “I can still remember the social pressure at school and it’s her period.”

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